Meet the Staff of Day's Auto Sales

Bill Day - Owner


Bill was taught by his father, B.E. Day, how to buy and sell only top quality pre-owned vehicles at a young age. While other dealerships use the traditional high volume approach, the Day family has always elected to take a more deliberate and personal approach to automotive sales. Bill can help you find a solution to your particular requirements for any pre-owned vehicle from Corvettes to Pickups!

Chad Ramsey - Sales/Management/Promotion


Chad is a valuable player on the Day Team! He can help you with a vehicle or a boat purchase! He is a pleasure to be around and his laid back style is appreciated by everyone. Call Chad today.

Michelle Fister - Vice President/Chief Financial Officer


Michelle does it all. From finance, accounts receivable/payable,warranty claims and sales, her quality is always shining through! Give Michelle a call today for any questions you may have.